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OCReMoved Lockdown 2 upload complete! [5 Decembre 2009]

Chroma Luna Chapitre 8 O Tempora O Mores [15 Octobre 2009]:

Le Chapitre 8 de Chromaluna, tout frais pondu par Sag Ee Mana. Un gros chapitre de 183 pages... et L'université Artes enfin dévoilé. Bonne lecture.

Conceptual Music Competition:

Pimping some Conceptual music competition provided by our good fellow Abadoss. [09 Aout 2008]
A lot of contest took place in the Ocremix Competition Board . As a mod of this sub-board and because Abadoss ask me politely i'm putting this contest under the spotlight. Like ORC you need to work with original stuff, but you need to work with a given theme/mood for your song. Like it's staten in the rules: Any style can work, as long as it portrays a sense of what the theme is. So it's up to you to imagine the scene and write the score for it.

Random Stuff:
OCR-Tan gallery [Thanks to all the designers involved especially Bean and Blackmyst]
Random Hosting [some files hosted here:Elder scroll mods and more..]
Chromaluna Chp 8
Unmod Epic Story
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S|r Nuts
OCReMoved - SOR Remake